How much does it cost?

Your website setup is entirely free. 

If you're happy with the results and want to proceed with folyou, you will only then be charged. 

A yearly subscription is  ₪ 79 per month (Paid annually).
Monthly - ₪ 99 per month.

What is a subscription? What am I paying for?

a subscription grants you website hosting at our fast cloud service. 350MB for images. Unlimited pages / products. 

Impressive content management system.
Update your website easily anytime, with unlimited pages, control over your design, and full access to all the features we provide.

Our support is guaranteed and effective. 
At folyou we respond quickly to all of your questions, via chat or email.

How do I pay?

Through a valid international credit card. 

Every year/month the subscription fee will be charged automatically from your credit card and you will receive an invoice by email.

Are there any obligations? Can I cancel whenever I want?

There are no obligations. You can cancel your folyou subscription at any time. 

The monthly charge will stop from the moment you choose to cancel your subscription.

Does it include hosting for my website?

Yes. Hosting is included in the monthly subscription fee.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes. A private domain can be easily connected to your website.